Why So Blue? / by Antonia Deutsch

We recently returned from another fabulous trip this time to China, for the forth time, and Vietnam for the third time. Surprising really having spent so much time in both countries I still only know the basics - please, thank you, hello, and 2 beers please!   

Twenty five or so years ago was my first time in Vietnam, which we loved but were not great fans of the North as it was far more strictly communist, and we were terrified of putting a foot wrong. How times have changed! Hanoi now seems like party central and is so buzzing and relaxed.  On that trip we visited Haling Bay which was pretty difficult to get to, no real places to stay on land and wonderfully lacking in tourists. Although beautiful it is surprisingly difficult to photograph, below is the image I took and have often since wondered why I had it printed in such a strong blue?

Halong Bay

Halong Bay

When we went back in November 2018 we spent time in Bai Tu Long Bay which adjoins Halong Bay, spending time on a houseboat and also going to Cat Ba Island. I took the following image from the ferry on the way to Cat Ba and below is the colour image - and it really is that blue - question answered! Have a look in new work for the finished version in black and white (blue toned obviously!)