Why So Blue? by Antonia Deutsch

We recently returned from another fabulous trip this time to China, for the forth time, and Vietnam for the third time. Surprising really having spent so much time in both countries I still only know the basics - please, thank you, hello, and 2 beers please!   

Twenty five or so years ago was my first time in Vietnam, which we loved but were not great fans of the North as it was far more strictly communist, and we were terrified of putting a foot wrong. How times have changed! Hanoi now seems like party central and is so buzzing and relaxed.  On that trip we visited Haling Bay which was pretty difficult to get to, no real places to stay on land and wonderfully lacking in tourists. Although beautiful it is surprisingly difficult to photograph, below is the image I took and have often since wondered why I had it printed in such a strong blue?

Halong Bay

Halong Bay

When we went back in November 2018 we spent time in Bai Tu Long Bay which adjoins Halong Bay, spending time on a houseboat and also going to Cat Ba Island. I took the following image from the ferry on the way to Cat Ba and below is the colour image - and it really is that blue - question answered! Have a look in new work for the finished version in black and white (blue toned obviously!)  


More from the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2018 Awards by Antonia Deutsch

Well what fun was had by all! I went with my great friend Lisa Heathcote who is a food stylist for film and television. The Mall Galleries is a fabulous location to exhibit in, and it was full of people, including the super talented Martin Parr who was there to receive an award from the glamorous Prue Leith. Had a great evening with lots of champagne and a Highly Commended notation to boot! Good fun - and finally I am allowed to reveal the chosen image.



Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards by Antonia Deutsch

Very thrilled to be a finalist In The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Awards! Exhibition in April at the Mall Galleries. Not allowed to say which image has been selected yet! But a great achievement especially as I only photograph food when it comes under the umbrella of Travel Photography. My friend, Photographer Diana Miller, suggested I enter, actually not with the image that was selected, but this one, so thank you Diana!


The Awesome Solitude and Beauty of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast by Antonia Deutsch

I have been traveling in Namibia and am amazed by the beauty and variety of the landscapes. It is a very large country (well a lot bigger than England!) and the landscapes change dramatically and frequently. Everyone knows about their rich variety of wild game, but more needs to be known about the warmth of the people and the beauty of the empty landscapes. It is unique to experience such wonderful, extraordinary, magnificent vistas and not to have to share them with hordes of people. Please don’t come here, you would  all hate it!!


Cold Impressions by Antonia Deutsch

First day mixed weather and wearing all our layers and complete rain gear. Surprised to see swans and so many of them! Also strangely surprised to see so many tourists, many Chinese. Delicious basil and tomato soup for lunch only a tenner each! Blown away by the prices ~ scratchy Iceland sweaters are £20O+ and not sure you would be seen dead in one outside of the country!!
Budget means accommodation tonight with shared bathrooms and no breakfast or soundproofing! Too outraged by prices to pay for alcohol so it's a beer each and a slug of brandy for us this holiday. Even a wee can cost £1.50! Thank goodness the scenery is good. Colin finding driving on roads strangely mesmerizing and hard to stay on track !

On the right track

Learning to Love with a Stoner by Antonia Deutsch

I had a fascinating flight was sitting next to a guy with dreadlocks who was 1/2 way through a pint of whiskey 🥃! Which he finished quite swiftly | but before he did he told me he was a "stoner" that he was 37 and had been traveling since he was 30. He was permanently stoned with no ill effects although he had had to give up dealing as he had become his best customer. He was on his way to the states via Iceland to claim undying love for his girlfriend who he had not seen for 3 months and had treated very badly, (would not elaborate) however he was in the process of colouring in a lovely love heart to give her. The reason he was drunk not stoned was he did not want to test positive when he entered the USA. Anyway after an animated and enlightening conversation he fell asleep and on landing awoke and I'm pretty sure had no recollection of having spoken to me!! I do love travel it broadens the mind!!

Sadly I didn't take his photo so here is one of a Tasty Geezer!

a tasty geezer