Learning to Love with a Stoner by Antonia Deutsch

I had a fascinating flight was sitting next to a guy with dreadlocks who was 1/2 way through a pint of whiskey 🥃! Which he finished quite swiftly | but before he did he told me he was a "stoner" that he was 37 and had been traveling since he was 30. He was permanently stoned with no ill effects although he had had to give up dealing as he had become his best customer. He was on his way to the states via Iceland to claim undying love for his girlfriend who he had not seen for 3 months and had treated very badly, (would not elaborate) however he was in the process of colouring in a lovely love heart to give her. The reason he was drunk not stoned was he did not want to test positive when he entered the USA. Anyway after an animated and enlightening conversation he fell asleep and on landing awoke and I'm pretty sure had no recollection of having spoken to me!! I do love travel it broadens the mind!!

Sadly I didn't take his photo so here is one of a Tasty Geezer!

a tasty geezer